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Heading back to office?
You need a boost on your mental focus and energy levels!

5-hour ENERGY® is packed with essential B-vitamins (B3, B6, B12).

With 0 sugar and just 4 calories, 5-hour ENERGY® is the
healthier energy option for energy that lasts.


Refreshing lemonade with a hint of mint to rejuvenate your day.

Enjoy the refreshing taste of sweet lemonade with a hint of cool mint, the perfect flavour to reinvigorate you on a hot day. Each energy shot is also packed with vitamin B3, B6, and B12 to help you feel alert and energised for hours– all with zero sugar and just 4 calories!


The Number 1 Energy Shot from the U.S.A.

With more than 1 billion bottles consumed daily, 5-hour ENERGY® has been the leading energy shot for the past 10 years with more than 30 billion bottles* sold.

Now available in 3 exciting flavours – Orange, Cool Mint Lemonade and Peach Tea at all major retailers and 5-hour ENERGY® online store.

*Source: Nielsen 2020 U.S. AOD Services data


Trusted by 1 million consumers every day

Formulated by the 5-hour ENERGY® research
lab in the USA

Contains B-Vitamins for an energy boost and increased mental focus.

Just 4 calories for guilt-free energy

Caffeine derived from tea leaves for a healthier energy boost

Portable, Pocket-friendly size
at 57ml

Working Professional


Working Professional

Got a never-ending work list to meet?
5-hour ENERGY® contains B-vitamins (B3, B6, B12) to help you stay mentally focused throughout the day. Power up through a day of meetings and presentations with our pocket-sized energy shots for a quick boost anytime, anywhere.

Fitness & Sports


Fitness & Sports

For the sports enthusiast who needs a boost in energy to work out after a long day at work, 5-hour ENERGY® shot gets you there without the sugar. Our energy shot contains zero sugar and 4 calories conveniently packaged in a small bottle, so it's portable and easy to consume!


Tertiary Students


Tertiary Students

For the tertiary student preparing for that final exam paper, an improved level of concentration is all you need to get through the crucial hours. 5-hour ENERGY® shot is packed with B-vitamins to keep you mentally focused to ace any exam!

Soccer Fans


Soccer Fans

Got a late-night match to catch at 3am but need to be in office by 9am?
Power up your day with 5-hour ENERGY®! With caffeine derived from tea and B-vitamins (B3, B6, B12) to boost energy and mental focus, staying awake and alert is a breeze.


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