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5-hour ENERGY x SGAG

5-hour ENERGY® x SGAG

In the 4th episode of Amateur Professionals, Natalie treats her unsuspecting colleagues to their favourite drinks, topped with a special boost to keep them awake and focused at work. Watch on to find out how much her 'slacker' colleagues transformed!

Image credit: SGAG

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5-hour ENERGY x The Smart Local

5-hour ENERGY® x The Smart Local

Come 2.30 pm, we are all victims of the post-lunch food coma. Read on to find out how 5-hour ENERGY® helped The Smart Local team combat lethargy and increase mental focus with B-vitamins, zero sugar, and only 4 calories.

Image credit: The Smart Local

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5-hour ENERGY x Benjamin Kheng

5-hour ENERGY® x Benjamin Kheng:
The 30-Day Habit

Join Benjamin Kheng as he gets ready for a 30-Day Challenge with the aid of 5-hour ENERGY® for that boost of mental focus and energy to power up his day!

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Thank you to all healthcare heroes!

During these trying times, we sent our love to the brave healthcare warriors at Alexandra Hospital and Tan Tock Seng Hospital through our care packs.

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